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Captain Barbarossa

Christmas Village

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Christmas Village

Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming, so a portal to the Christmas Village has opened on our server!

This is a special location that will only be active from December 23rd to January 6th!

The portal to the location is located in Argent City 2232, 2778.
Any player can get to this location!



You can find a lot of interesting things here:

1. A lot of monsters from level 20 to 70 with a lot of experience and a good drop


2. Mini bosses


                     Respawn 1h

Christmas Deer of the Apocalypse ( 242, 222)
Christmas Doomsday Chicken (312, 242)
Christmas Evil Snow Leopard (139, 246)
Christmas Wandering Soul (168, 356)
Christmas Snowman Warlord (298, 336)

Drop list:


3. Main Boss - Christmas Evil Risen Santa

Respawn every day at 15:30 Server Time (307, 309 Christmas Village)


Drop list:


4. Special Location - Snow Battle 

23da9115a81f.png (306×266)

Opening time: 6:00, 16:00 server time in Christmas Village

Portal Duration: 15 minuts
Map Duration: 20 minuts
only last survivor gets: 1m gold and n0322.pngSnow Battle Chest



5. Different NPCs with new daily / weekly quests, rewards

1) Santa Claus (199, 311)


Black Dragon Chest Crafting Quest - this is a special quest that will allow you to obtain the rare Black Dragon Apparel


To get it, you must complete a simple task every day and collect all the necessary cards 


2) General (181, 332)


Boss Killer Quest- Destroy all mini bosses and the main boss and get a small gift for it!


n1733.png Christmas Surprise Box drop :

3) Christmas Tree (214, 320)


Use n1725.png (32×32) Christmas Greeting Card to wish everyone a Merry Christmas


4) Elder Village - Abdula (227, 331)

Dont forget to make Snow Battle Medal to enter Snow Battle Dungeon!


5) Little Jimmy 


"Christmas Adventures" Quest Chain

Complete all quests to get
 n1218.png (32×32) Christams Cap

6) Jokes of the Elk (234, 340)

Collect and exchange your n1725.png (32×32) Christmas Greeting Card for rare items!


Our team wishes you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas. Success, happiness and love! :classic_love:

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