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Captain Barbarossa

Snow Battle

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Snow Battle

Prepare your snowballs!
This is dungeon, where even the latest noob can defeat the strongest player! Why? Because your weapon is snowballs! Hehehe
Throw snowballs on your enemies, bury them in the snow in this icy desert and get a worthy reward! 

General conditions 

  • You can get into this dungeon from any level!
  • You need is n1732.pngLittle Snow Ball ! and n1799.pngSnow Battle Medal (you can get it by completing the quest NPC Elder Village - Abdula (227, 331) )
  • Also for you must be without equipment, anyone who equip on their things will be removed from the dungeon!
  • You can't use n1260.pngAcceleration Potion, n1390.pngSkating Potion, n1695.pngFlash Bomb, q0033.pngBlessed Potion
  • You can't attack other players
  • You can't use skill Tempest Boost

Opening time: 04:00, 20:00 server time in Christmas Village

Portal Duration: 15 minuts
Map Duration: 20 minuts
only last survivor gets: 10m gold and n0322.pngSnow Battle Chest

n0322.pngSnow Battle Chest drop:

  1. n1257.png Lv5 Refining Gem Box
  2. n0322.png Azrael Random Chest
  3. Ferocyous Lynx
  4. n0177.png VIP Status - 7 Day(s)
  5. n0327.png Soul of Black Dragon (upgrade to Rightful BD)

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