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System of Colored Nicknames

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System of Colored Nicknames



Colored Nicknames System based on your achievements in Snow War/Chaos Argent and PK skills

This means that if you fight well and kill a lot of enemies, other players will be able to see it by the color of your nickname.

How it works?
In each dungeon (Snow War or Chaos Argent) you can get Ca Points.
Now you can spend these CA Points and upgrade your Unique Necklace

Note: This upgrade is available only for unique necks level 40, 50, 60
Crystal Naiad
Nimble Venturer
Labyrinth Wanderer

Soul Generator
Blessed Davao

Force of the Abyss
Guardian of the Abyss
Light of the Abyss
Dance of the Abyss
Focus of the Abyss
Ancient Light
Ancient Illusion
Ancient Naiad
Ancient Soul
Ancient Wind
Ancient Guard


Available 7 levels of necks upgrade, each color corresponds to the color of your nickname in the game.

Level 1 - Yellow
Level 2 - Green
Level 3 - Turquoise
Level 4 - Blue
Level 5 - Purple
Level 6 - Red 
Level 7 - Black

The system is similar to the karate belt system. :classic_biggrin:

The more you kill opponents, the faster you can get a certain nickname color and a small bonus +5 def for each level (the maximum value for a Level 7 - Black nickname +35 defence)



In order to get a new upgrade level, you need to have the previous level. That is, you cannot get the 7th level right away. You will need to get the previous 6 levels.

To increase the level of your neck and you need to complete a quests chain from Chaos Administrator



Level 1 - Yellow Nickname Catalyst - 100 Ca Points
Level 2 - Green Nickname Catalyst - 200 Ca Points
Level 3 - Turquoise Nickname Catalyst - 300 Ca Points
Level 4 - Blue Nickname Catalyst - 400 Ca Points
Level 5 - Purple Nickname Catalyst - 500 Ca Points
Level 6 - Red Nickname Catalyst - 600 Ca Points
Level 7 - Black Nickname Catalyst - 700 Ca Points

For the completed quest you will receive a special item reward - Nickname Catalyst


Depending on the level of the quest, you will receive a special catalyst 



After that, you can go to the NPC Furnace of Immortality at Spring Town 3258, 2500

Upgrade your Unique Necklace to change your nickname color with NPC Furnace of Immortality at Spring Town 3258, 2500




For upgrade you need:
Your Neck
Color Catalyst



Cost to upgrade your necklace = 100k x Level of neck

After complex mathematical calculations :classic_biggrin:

Level 40 = 4m

Level 50 = 5m

Level 60 = 6m

Level 65 = 6.5m


Congratulations, you received your special neck and now you are the coolest than before! :classic_laugh:



NOTE: This system works only in PEACEFUL ZONES and your nickname in the PK ZONES will be displayed in GREEN, and the enemy in RED


Our team wishes you success in battles! ⚔️

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