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Captain Barbarossa

The Secret Fireball

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The Winter quest is needed to go Winter Island, where you can make more quests, level up, farm and in future attend mazes.

1. You have to be Lv 85 to start the quest.

2. The Winter Quest begins in Argent at Secretary Salvier (2219, 2749)

2. Secretary Salvier will ask you to go to talk to Drunkard Anthony (2222, 2889) in Argent bar.

3. He will ask you to talk to Merman Prince – Hassan (1254, 3491) outside Shaitan City near the coast and obtain the Spark Seduction.


4.  Hassan will ask you to you collect materials to make the  Spark Seduction:



  • n0825.pngSandy Crab Meat x1: You can obtain it from the lvl 47 Sand Crabs at Magical Ocean (1381, 3134)
  • n1156.pngBlack Dye x10: from the Azure Sirens at Ascaron (3050, 400) and can also be found near Pyrex Haven (3079, 2137) in Magical Ocean

Note: they drop bottles so you can combine farming

black dye is also obtainable from  Beautiful Chest

  •  n0119.pngCactus Hairball x20: from the Lv 1 Melons at Magical Ocean (1027, 3551)
  •  n0207.pngBottles x5: from the Lv 8 Cuddly Lambs at Ascaron (1968, 2687) or from the Lv 5 Mini Bees (2041, 2753) Ascaron.

Return to Hassan with all the ingredients and he will give you  Spark Seduction


5. Go back to Argent Bar and talk to Anthony (2222, 2889).



6. He will accept the perfume and will ask you to talk to Freight – Ali (832, 3707) in Shaitan about Winter Island.



7. Ali will say that he doesn't know much about it and will tell you to talk to Holy Priestess – Ada (862, 3303) in Old Shaitan City


Ada will ask you to go to Demonic World 1 and get the  Staff of Sagacious(you can buy it in Blacksmith - Smithy(shaitan city)) from Edward (266, 230).


8.  She will ask you to go to Canary Isle and talk to Captain Jack (1672, 3777).



9. Captain Jack. will ask you to go to Isle of Chill and talk to Pirate Jeremy (2362, 657).


He will ask you to get  n0281.pngElven Fruit x20 for him.


10.  Jeremy will accept the fruit and will ask you to talk to Icicle Royal – Mas (1347,451) to deliver a dispatch.



11.  Icicle Royal – Mas will accept the dispatch and will ask you to go to Spring Town to deliver jewelry to Youth – Misty (3241, 2533)



12.  She will complain about Youth – Cloud (3275, 2467) and will ask you to rake over Youth – Cloud for her.



13.  Cloud will say that he was only asking about North Ville and will ask you to go to Autumn Island and talk to Tourist Girl (2423, 3186).

Go to Autumn and find the Tourist Girl (2423, 3186). She is very close to the Lv 75 Pirate Captain Boss.



She will ask you to kill some pirates for her:
Lv 65 Pirate 006 x25 - (2736, 3042)

Note: collect the  azure crystal from these mobs because you will need them for the next quest. The  azure crystal drop is quite low, if you don't want to spend days farming in Autumn you can go to Fortune Isle and kill the Northern Pirate Sailors and Northern Pirate Militia to get them.
Lv 67 Pirate 007 x30 - (2736, 3042)


14. After you complete the mision, she will ask you to send a message to Ville's Statue (2582, 3245) in Autumn Island


He will ask you to prove that you worth to go Winter Island by collecting:

  •  n0327.pngBlack Pearl x10: You can obtain them from the Fox Spirit and the Fox Taoist (3194, 2433) in Spring. Can also be farmed from lvl 79 Ancient Mermaid Protector (1014, 2182) Magical Ocean.
  •  n0783.pngHeavy Lizardman Broadsword x10: You can obtain them from the Elite Lizardman Warriors (3650, 2967) in Summer.
  •  n0331.pngAzure Crystal x10: You can obtain them from the Pirates 006 (2736, 3042) in Autumn or from the Northern Pirate Sailor and the Northern Pirate Militia in Fortune Isle.

After you collect all the items go back with the Ville's Statue (2582, 3245).


15. After completing the quest, board the ship and enter the winter island

You can not last winter the island is, there too dangerous for you.
If you think you are strong enough, then you stop the boat in the spring or summer ssland, I am easy to reach the lake you the teleportation point.




16. Head to the dock (337, 965) to land on Luna Haven.

17. Now, you can save your spawn with Marian, the Winter Island Teleporter.

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