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Voyager for Beginners

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General Information
Voayger is the advancement class for Explorer, either Lance, Phyllis or Ami. Voyagers specialize in dealing alot of damage from distance mainly on multiple targets rather than one. With its very unique abilities the class can provide the playstyle of "hit and run" to be able to last longer in fights. Voyagers use daggers to cast magical skills from a distance, to either damage, slow or stun the enemies.


High damage output
Good in both land and on the sea
Has a good stun available to flee fights
Very good levling class
Good at hitting multiple enemies at once
Lowest movment speed class in the game (with all corals equipped)
Uses corals with limited energy to cast magical skills
Very vonurable against classes that can stun
Will lack essentinal stat points when the player has equipped all the corals. (due to corals overwriting rings/necakleses)
Voyagers have a variety of stat builds, but the two most common ones are full tank or full magical damage. Full magical damage focuses on stats which increases its overall magical damage, and serves as a damage-support role in boss fights, and as a good levler class while levling and farming. While tank Voaygers plays well in PvP or just tanking monster's for other classes to kill.

Spirit (Spr) - This is the primary stat for Voyagers, as it increases their magical damage and SP (the blue bar under HP.) This is a crucial stat for a damage orientated voyager, as it aims directly into increasing the magical damage and max sp + sp rate. On tank voaygers it is almost entirely a waste to add points into.
Constitusion (Con) - This is the second most useful stat for a voayger, as it increases the class's health and defense, often as a voyager, you lure and attract a lot of enemies towards you, so its useful to have some points into this as it will make you last longer in fights, both PvP and PvE. Lot's of Voyagers often put 50/50 of their points on spr and con to remain "hybrid" in fights, as this will make them both semi-tanky and deal a decent amouth of magical damage aswell.

The following link provides a lot of information as well as skill previews for all the voyager skills. In this guide however, a few notheworthy ones will be mentioned.

All of the active skills of a voyager requires diffrent types of corals equipped to be used. These corals can be purcheased at   Coral Vendor - Lamon
Each of the corals will have a consumption rate of the skills of 8 energy, so if the player has a lv 2 coral with 900 energy, casting 1 of the skills will decrease the energy from 900 to 892.

Lightning bolt - A very strong single target magical attack skill. This skill will deal a big damage on one enemy, its often used as a combo skill with other skills of voyagers. To cast this skill players are required to have a Thunder Coral equipped. thunder.PNG 

Conch Ray - Voyagers primary damage skill, this skill will cast a large conch from any selected direction as the player desires. Upon casting this skill, it will deal damage to multiple targets along with having a very low cooldown compared to many skills in the game. To cast this skill the player is required to have Strike Coral equipped. strike.PNG 

Tornado - Often considered voyager's only "fleeing" skill as this skill casts a tornado on enemies to stun them for a period of time, giving the voyager time to recover or flee any battle. To cast this skill the player is required to have Wind Coral equipped.

Voyagers have a limited number of equipments which they can use.
Unseals equipments for voyagers is very bad, due to not giving enough essentinal stats. Only around the level 35-45 the unsealds for voyagers are useful. Often voyagers choose to wear chest items, as they often give the essentianl stat, spr and con among with good defense and physical resistance. Combining all these stats together creates a good voyager that can be both tanky and deal lots of magical damage. Voyagers can also use level 70 frame as a end-game equipment as this gives alot of physical resistance and defense for the class.

As for weponds, the unseal daggers are the way to go, they provide alot of spr and con for the voyager to last long in fights.

Early game: Early on, Explorers and Voyagers are just okay, they have their skill Lightning bolt to attack anemies, and sometimes have to rely on last hitting enemies with some basic atatck stabbing with their dagger. because they only have that 1 damage skill, they often has to rely on partying with other people when they want to level up so they can aid them with their dmaage input in fights.

Mid game: This is where voyagers makes a great comeback. Voyagers begins to take the effect of having more than just 1 damage skill, they now get to use Conch ray to effectively deal a lot of damage to multiple monsters at once and at the same time be able to tank quite a few of them aswell. Voyagers also shine alot on the sea, at the mid game, due to them being able to upgrade other sea skills to stun and deal damage on sea.

Late game: This is where voyagers is average, they make great in good grouped fights, or boss fights that requires a decent range to shine, since they can take advanatge of this to spam their Lightning bolt, since it provides significantly range, compared to their conch ray which has a fairly low range. Levling at late game alone, can also be fairly difficult for voaygers, since monsters begin to be very tank, and the coral consuming is high because of that.

Voyagers in low level mazes:
Forsaken City - In Forsaken City, Voyagers are a decent class, their survavibility is fairy okay, since they can become decent tanky and steal deal damage. Voyagers is often used here, to spam conch ray at the ship entrance of Forsaken city, or primaarely on attacking other ships with their large sea skill pool.

Dark Swamp - In Dark Swamp, voyagers begin to see the light abit more than in Forsakken City, since they got more skill points and that way they can become more hybrid on both land and sea, along with their picks of equipping either Chaos Argent equipments or chest equipments makes it a great and mobile class for Dark Swamp.

*Guide taken from a third-party resource

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