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Captain Barbarossa

Pirate Island Description

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На изображении может находиться: текст


Main info:

Server time: GMT + 00: 00
Server location: France
Server language: English


Server Rates:


- Max Level: 65
- Max Pet Lv: 41
- Solo-exp: 2x
- Party-exp: 4x
- Drop-rate: 2x
- Fairy-growth: 3x
- Ship exp: x1
- Resource: x1


Information & Features:


1. Excellent server and account protection (1 year stable work)?
2. The best server concept for enjoying the game, positive emotions and memories?
3. Hard-medium server, not very easy to stay strong, but you can stay strong.?
4. In-game system to obtain the necessary things (
be4371f83efe.pngKraken Coin)☺️
5. In-game Award Center - Reputation Exchanger NPC At Argent City (2253, 2789)?

6. Active user support and Game Volunteers?‍♀️
7. Guilds support system?‍♂️
8. Ready plans for the development and maintenance of online (game events)?
9. Discussion with the players of all upcoming updates?
10. Remade dungeons FC and DS?
11. Remade Bosstone shoe
n1508.png and glovesn1509.png?
12. Remade 
e0106.pnge0119.pngw0049.pngunseals stats?
13. Remade ring stats for SS?

14. Add
e0452.pngboots, e0277.pngglove champion in Incantation, Evanescence, Enigma chest?

15. World Boss?

image.pngNew Wings, New Apparel, New Glows, 4440b886eae4.pngNew Auras

17. Mounts System?


18. n0322.pngGift Giver

19. Jackpot Machine NPC?

20. Legendary Tree of Fortune?

21. Changing the panels occurs by pressing the TAB key, working keys F9, F10, F11, F12 keys on the skill panel.?
22. Two active panels on which you can use skills?

23. The system of offline stalls?


24. Personal Area⛹️‍♀️

25. New dungeons (Arena of Death, Snow War, Chaos Icicle)?‍♂️

26. New Client and Launcher Features?


Class & Skills


Voyager - same as original
Cleric - same as original
Crusader - same as original
Sharpshooter - same as original
Champion - same as original
Seal master - Seal of Elder now stun
AntiBot  - Reduced attack skills: Howl, Meteor Shower, Magma Bullet.


- Uniques (Lv Max 2)
- Broken (Lv Max 2)
- Cracked (Lv Max 2)
- BDS (Lv Max 1)
- Normal gems (Lv Max 3)
- Forge system of rings and necklace
- Extract normal gems at Spring

>More information here<


- FC Death Knight = Sealed lv45 (Armor and Weps)
- DS Huge Mud = Sealed lv55 (Boots, Gloves, Armor and Weps)
- DW1 Wandering Soul = Sealed lv55 (Boots, Gloves, Armor and Weps)
- DW2 Snowman Warlord = Sealed lv65 (Armor and Weps)

- Boss Stone Equipment 
- Black Dragon Equipment (Will be available after access to the Black Dragon's lair 2)



- Chaos Argent (Opening is planned after 1 week)

Chaos Argent - Icicle City (1371,532)

Time of opening:

04:00 AM Server Time
19:00 PM Server Time

Portal open for: 30 minutes.

Maze close: 45 minutes.

No party allowed

If you relog, you wont be allowed to enter for 90 secs.

Rewards for winning: 

            Unique Survivor: 1m + money accumulated + king of the ring emblem.

            2-5 Survivors: money to be shared between survivors + saint of the ring emblem.

>More information here<


- Forsken City: Every 3 hours - Magical Ocean (1508,3665) 

Time of opening: 00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00. Server time.

 Portal open for: 60 minutes.

Maze close: 120 minutes.

Sorrow Captain = Skeletar Chests, Broken gems, Kraken Coin

Sorrow Archer Captain = Skeletar Chests, Broken gems, Kraken Coin

Wailing Captain = Skeletar Chests, Broken gems, Kraken Coin

Wailing Archer Captain = Chests, Broken gems, Kraken Coin

FC Death Knight = Sealed lv45 (Armor and Weps), goddess favor, 5 Kraken Coins

Abandoned Chest 1 = Chests, Kraken Coin 

Abandoned Chest 2 = Chests, Kraken Coin 

Abandoned Chest 3 = Inca Chests, Kraken Coin

>More information here<


- Dark Swamp: Every 3 hours - Magical Ocean (2035,2775)

Time of opening: 00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00. Server time.

 Portal open for: 60 minutes.

Maze close: 120 minutes.

Master Swamp Bog =  Cracked gems, Chests, Kraken Coin

Swamp Champion =  Cracked gems, Chests, Kraken Coin

Master Swamp Watcher = Cracked gems, Chests, Kraken Coin

- DS Huge Mud = Sealed lv55 (Boots, Gloves, Armor and Weps), goddess favor, 5 Kraken Coin

Obscure Chest 1 = Chests, Kraken Coin 

Obscure Chest 2 = Inca Chests, Kraken Coin 

Obscure Chest 3 = Eva Chests, Kraken Coin

>More information here<


- Demonic World: Every 3 hours - Ascaron (910, 1069)

Time of opening: 00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00. Server time.

Portal open for: 40 minutes.

Maze close: 120 minutes.

- DW1 Wandering Soul = Sealed lv55 (Boots, Gloves, Armor and Weps), 5 Kraken Coins, Ref gem

- DW2 Snowman Warlord = Sealed lv65 (Armor and Weps), 10 Kraken Coins, Ref gem, Kal

Chest 1 = Kal Runestone, Eva Chests, Kraken Coin

Chest 2 = Enigma Chests, Kraken Coin

>More information here<

Others new maps, just in updates


Planned for the future:

BD Lair
Snow War

Chaos Icicle


Class Advancement
Story Quest
LB same original
Rb lv1 same original

>More information here<


Ways of earning gold:


1. Mentor and Disciple, after second job you can get 100k Dollar Note ( guide Mentor and Disciple ) and you can get 200000 gold then have mentor and you lvl up 41

2. Legendary Tree of Fortune

3. Mystic - You need kill Evil Tribal Warrior and you сan get Mystic Chest and opet it or sell chest

4. You can dig  OSS & NSS 

5. You can sell item for exchange reputation

6. You can farm Kraken Coin and sell it fot other players.

7. Jackpot Machine (magicsea 894, 3543)

>Ways of earning gold<

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