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Captain Barbarossa

Pirate Island Description

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На изображении может находиться: текст


Main info:

Server time: GMT + 00: 00
Server location: France
Server language: English


Server Rates:


- Max Level: 65
- Max Pet Lv: 41
- Solo-exp: 2x
- Party-exp: 4x
- Drop-rate: 2x
- Fairy-growth: 3x
- Ship exp: x1
- Resource: x1


Information & Features:


1. Excellent server and account protection (1 year stable work)🙉
2. The best server concept for enjoying the game, positive emotions and memories💥
3. Hard-medium server, not very easy to stay strong, but you can stay strong.😃
4. In-game system to obtain the necessary things (
be4371f83efe.pngKraken Coin)☺️
5. In-game Award Center - Reputation Exchanger NPC At Argent City (2253, 2789)😮

6. Active user support and Game Volunteers👯‍♀️
7. Guilds support system🤼‍♂️
8. Ready plans for the development and maintenance of online (game events)👍
9. Discussion with the players of all upcoming updates👼
10. Remade dungeons FC and DS😉
11. Remade Bosstone shoe
n1508.png and glovesn1509.png😉
12. Remade 
e0106.pnge0119.pngw0049.pngunseals stats😉
13. Remade ring stats for SS😉

14. Add
e0452.pngboots, e0277.pngglove champion in Incantation, Evanescence, Enigma chest😉

15. World Boss🦈

image.pngNew Wings, New Apparel, New Glows, 4440b886eae4.pngNew Auras

17. Mounts System😺


18. n0322.pngGift Giver

19. Jackpot Machine NPC🎁

20. Legendary Tree of Fortune🎋

21. Changing the panels occurs by pressing the TAB key, working keys F9, F10, F11, F12 keys on the skill panel.💡
22. Two active panels on which you can use skills📖

23. The system of offline stalls📊


24. Personal Area⛹️‍♀️

25. New dungeons (Arena of Death, Snow War, Chaos Icicle)🤸‍♂️

26. New Client and Launcher Features🎇


Class & Skills


Voyager - same as original
Cleric - same as original
Crusader - same as original
Sharpshooter - same as original
Champion - same as original
Seal master - Seal of Elder now stun
AntiBot  - Reduced attack skills: Howl, Meteor Shower, Magma Bullet.


- Uniques (Lv Max 2)
- Broken (Lv Max 2)
- Cracked (Lv Max 2)
- BDS (Lv Max 1)
- Normal gems (Lv Max 3)
- Forge system of rings and necklace
- Extract normal gems at Spring

>More information here<


- FC Death Knight = Sealed lv45 (Armor and Weps)
- DS Huge Mud = Sealed lv55 (Boots, Gloves, Armor and Weps)
- DW1 Wandering Soul = Sealed lv55 (Boots, Gloves, Armor and Weps)
- DW2 Snowman Warlord = Sealed lv65 (Armor and Weps)

- Boss Stone Equipment 
- Black Dragon Equipment (Will be available after access to the Black Dragon's lair 2)



- Chaos Argent (Opening is planned after 1 week)

Chaos Argent - Icicle City (1371,532)

Time of opening:

04:00 AM Server Time
19:00 PM Server Time

Portal open for: 30 minutes.

Maze close: 45 minutes.

No party allowed

If you relog, you wont be allowed to enter for 90 secs.

Rewards for winning: 

            Unique Survivor: 1m + money accumulated + king of the ring emblem.

            2-5 Survivors: money to be shared between survivors + saint of the ring emblem.

>More information here<


- Forsken City: Every 3 hours - Magical Ocean (1508,3665) 

Time of opening: 00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00. Server time.

 Portal open for: 60 minutes.

Maze close: 120 minutes.

Sorrow Captain = Skeletar Chests, Broken gems, Kraken Coin

Sorrow Archer Captain = Skeletar Chests, Broken gems, Kraken Coin

Wailing Captain = Skeletar Chests, Broken gems, Kraken Coin

Wailing Archer Captain = Chests, Broken gems, Kraken Coin

FC Death Knight = Sealed lv45 (Armor and Weps), goddess favor, 5 Kraken Coins

Abandoned Chest 1 = Chests, Kraken Coin 

Abandoned Chest 2 = Chests, Kraken Coin 

Abandoned Chest 3 = Inca Chests, Kraken Coin

>More information here<


- Dark Swamp: Every 3 hours - Magical Ocean (2035,2775)

Time of opening: 00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00. Server time.

 Portal open for: 60 minutes.

Maze close: 120 minutes.

Master Swamp Bog =  Cracked gems, Chests, Kraken Coin

Swamp Champion =  Cracked gems, Chests, Kraken Coin

Master Swamp Watcher = Cracked gems, Chests, Kraken Coin

- DS Huge Mud = Sealed lv55 (Boots, Gloves, Armor and Weps), goddess favor, 5 Kraken Coin

Obscure Chest 1 = Chests, Kraken Coin 

Obscure Chest 2 = Inca Chests, Kraken Coin 

Obscure Chest 3 = Eva Chests, Kraken Coin

>More information here<


- Demonic World: Every 3 hours - Ascaron (910, 1069)

Time of opening: 00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00. Server time.

Portal open for: 40 minutes.

Maze close: 120 minutes.

- DW1 Wandering Soul = Sealed lv55 (Boots, Gloves, Armor and Weps), 5 Kraken Coins, Ref gem

- DW2 Snowman Warlord = Sealed lv65 (Armor and Weps), 10 Kraken Coins, Ref gem, Kal

Chest 1 = Kal Runestone, Eva Chests, Kraken Coin

Chest 2 = Enigma Chests, Kraken Coin

>More information here<

Others new maps, just in updates


Planned for the future:

BD Lair
Snow War

Chaos Icicle


Class Advancement
Story Quest
LB same original
Rb lv1 same original

>More information here<


Ways of earning gold:


1. Mentor and Disciple, after second job you can get 100k Dollar Note ( guide Mentor and Disciple ) and you can get 200000 gold then have mentor and you lvl up 41

2. Legendary Tree of Fortune

3. Mystic - You need kill Evil Tribal Warrior and you сan get Mystic Chest and opet it or sell chest

4. You can dig  OSS & NSS 

5. You can sell item for exchange reputation

6. You can farm Kraken Coin and sell it fot other players.

7. Jackpot Machine (magicsea 894, 3543)

>Ways of earning gold<

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