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Captain Barbarossa

Admiral Cloak

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Admiral Cloak

Kraken Online 2022-04-25 17.09.55.png


Why is it needed?

1. Small bonus to all stats

2. Cool look and visuals effects


How can I get it?

1. You need to get Dusty Cloak

You can exchange in from npc tribulation

n2569.pngDusty Cloak

2. To get a Admiral Cloak you need Cloak Unseal Device

You can get it in Golden chest (Weekly quests)/from Black Dragon, Red Dragon or in Item Mall

n2568.png Cloak Unseal Device



How can I get additional stats? - You need to put Admiral Cloak in inventory slot

1. You need to get n1983.png Cloak Upgrade Device

 You can get it in Item Mall or from events or from Red Dragon


2. Each upgrade adds 1 stats to you.  Maximum level Admiral Cloak Lv 7


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