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Captain Barbarossa

Reworked Bosstone shoe and gloves

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1. You cannot exchange these items with the goddess

2. Now the stats look like this

Can be dropped by bosses :

n1503.pngPoseidon PawstonePrehistoric Giant Octopus , Abyss Demon - Sacrois , Black Jewel
n1504.pngPoseidon Clawstone - Prehistoric Giant Octopus , Abyss Demon - Sacrois , Black Jewel
Kraken Online 2022-04-25 21.39.19.pngKraken Online 2022-04-25 21.39.35.png

Seal Master:

Can be dropped by bosses :

n1509.pngAthena PawstoneAbyss Prisoner - Aruthur , Barborosa
n1508.pngAthena Clawstone - Despair Knight - Saro , Deathsoul Commander
Kraken Online 2022-04-25 21.41.05.pngKraken Online 2022-04-25 21.42.19.png


Can be dropped by bosses :

n1507.pngHestia ClawstoneAbyss Mudmonster - Karu , Deathsoul Commander
n1505.pngHestia Pawstone - Abyss Mudmonster - Karu , Barborosa
Kraken Online 2022-04-25 21.43.09.pngKraken Online 2022-04-25 21.43.21.png


Can be dropped by bosses :

n1501.pngApollo ClawstoneDespair Knight - Saro , Deathsoul Commander
n1499.pngApollo Pawstone - Prehistoric Giant Octopus , Abyss Demon - Sacrois
Kraken Online 2022-04-25 21.44.37.pngKraken Online 2022-05-05 19.36.33.png


Can be dropped by bosses :

n1498.pngHermes ClawstonePrehistoric Giant Octopus , Abyss Prisoner - Aruthur
n1496.pngHermes Pawstone - Abyss Demon - Sacrois , Barborosa
Kraken Online 2022-04-25 21.45.47.pngKraken Online 2022-04-25 21.45.58.png


Can be dropped by bosses :

n1494.pngHephaestus ClawstoneAbyss Beast - Kuroo , Barborosa
n1495.pngHephaestus Pawstone - Abyss Prisoner - AruthurDeathsoul Commander
Kraken Online 2022-04-25 21.47.51.pngKraken Online 2022-04-25 21.46.59.png

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