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Battle Cleric Guide

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A. Frequently Asked Questions
a. What's BC?
-Battle Cleric (It can also mean "Beautiful Chest"... But I don't know why someone would make a Beautiful Chest Guide....)
b. What's a Battle Cleric?
-A Cleric focused on dealing damage.
c. What's nice about Battle Clerics?
-Well, Battle Clerics may not deal as much damage as Voyagers and Crusaders would, they're not as supportive as a Support Cleric and a Support Seal Master, they're not as tough as Champions, and they can't make anyone be useless for some time like how Seal Masters and Sharp Shooters would. But they speciallize on all of those... They deal great damage! They could use buffs like harden and could revive, they have energy shield to take the damage they receive, and they could make someone useless by killing them!
d. Wouldn't be making a Battle Cleric be expensive?
-Well, not really. Since cleric chests are so common... People sell them for very cheap prices. The only things that you need to spend alot for is: for your pet and for your SP items, but if you can't have those, it's alright, since your pet is there to help you, and the SP items are for emergencies.
e. Doesn't using magic attacks use Corals?
- Only voyager's magics use corals.
f. What makes a better Battle Cleric, Phyllis or Ami? -Choose ami if you want to be cute and you want to be stronger (due to the ami hats... But ami shoes don't give any def. The only ami shoes that give def. are those from chests, but you wouldn't consider them as ami eq. they're considered as Cleric Equipment) or Phyllis if you want to be ***ier and you want to move faster (that's what they say... LoL... and their reason is: Amis have short legs, so they can't run fast)
g. What Rings and Necklaces should I buy?
-Defense Rings and SP Necklace... SP necklace may be SP recovery Necklace or Max SP Necklace.
h. Is this going to be one of the guides where you need to spend alot of money to do what it says?

B. Stat Build
Well, the best stat build would be Pure SPR, but if you want to make a different stat build, then go ahead, try having a little bit of CON, some did: get SPR (about 40) then get 20 CON, then go back to SPR. This is just a guide, it'll just help you make decisions, not make the decisions for you... Okay, "Why Pure SPR?" SPR increases the amount you heal, the damage you deal with your Spiritual Bolt, your Max SP, and your SP regeneration. "Wouldn't you die quick if you have a low con?" Hmm... No, Energy Shield takes all the damage for you until you deactivate it or until you run out of SP. Lv.10 Energy Shield takes upto 3 damage per 1 point of your SP. After you have maxed up your SPR, (max stats = 100) it's time to max up your con. C. Skill Builds
Okay... This is the hard part.
*My Battle Cleric's skill build:
-Level 1 Heal
-Level 10 Spiritual Bolt
-Level 8 Vigor
----Saved my 12 skill points----
-Level 2 Divine Grace
-Level 2 True Sight
-Level 3 Tornado Swirl
-Level 5 Energy Shield
----Used up my 12 skill points---- (you're still level 40 at this time)
-Level 5 Energy Shield -> Level 10 Energy Shield --------(now you're level 45)
-Level 1 Heal -> Level 3 Heal
-Level 3 Harden
-Level 4 Recover
-Level 1 Revive ----------(now you're level 55)
-Level 3 Harden -> Level 10 Harden (now you're level 62, which is pretty hard to reach XD)
----OR After getting Level 10 Energy Shield----
-Level 8 Vigor -> Level 10 Virgor
-Level 2 Divine Grace -> Level 10 Divine Grace (this is good for leveling, since you don't need to sit much, but you can't level in DS, etc. since getting the other skills for those places are still better)
----OR After getting Level 10 Energy Shield----
-Level 10 Angelic Shield (now you're level 55) (this build is recomended if you have a sealed/unsealed set) D. Leveling Spots
*Level 1 - 10
-Do quests
*Level 11 - 21
-Find party at Smugglers Lv.20 (soloing at this place is hard, since you're sp and sp regen is quite low) (1624, 3017) Argent, Closest Haven -Rockery Haven
*Level 21 - 29
-Find party or solo at Mad Boar Lv.30 (910, 2971) Argent, Closest Haven -Andes Forest Haven (thanks to -Piff-)
*Level 29 - 41
-Find party or solo at Ferocious Scorpion Lv.38 (2373, 551) Deep Blue, Closest Haven -Icespire Haven
*Level 41 - 45
-Find party or solo at Werewolf Warrior Lv.42 (755, 2941) Deep Blue, Closest Haven -Icespire Haven
*Level 45 - 54
-Find party or solo at Undead Warrior Lv.52 (511, 1721) Ascaron, Closest Haven -Chaldea Haven. Closest Save Point -Thundoria
*Level 54 - 56
-Find party or solo at Guardian Angel Lv.55 (886, 1283) Ascaron, Closest Haven -Chaldea Haven. Closest Save Point -Thundoria
*Level 56 - 69
-Find party or solo at Fox Spirit Lv.65 (3306, 2444) Spring Island.

***If you can handle the next batches, or you think the lower batch is easier, then go ahead... For my battle cleric, it only takes 2 shots to kill Undead Warriors, and 3 to kill Guardian Angels, so I still chose to level up at Undead Warriors, but sometimes I go to Guardian Angels since there are too many people who are training at Undead Warriors .

E. Class Change

A. Herbalist------*You must be an Ami or a Phyllis at atleast Level 9.
--- Talk to the Newbie Guide and select "Herbalist Promotion."
--- Go to Shaitan City and talk to High Priest - Gannon (862, 3500).
~~~~~ He'll ask you to kill 2 Killer Cacti ( Killer Cactus ) at ( 884, 3156 ) Collect 3 Medicated Grass from Hopping Lizards ( 912, 3280 ) on the way, trust me, this'll help.
--- After you've killed the 2 Killer Cacti, go back to High Priest - Gannon (862, 3500).
--- Talk to Navy HQ - Admiral Nic (865, 3648) and she'll ask you to get the 3 Medicated Grass I was telling you to get.
--- After you gave Admiral Nic the Medicated Grass, talk to her again, and she'll give you the Righteous Doctrine.
--- Now go back to High Priest - Gannon (862, 3500).
--- Congratulations! You're and Herbalist!
B. Cleric-----*You need to be a Lv.40 Herbalist
--- Talk to High Priest - Gannon (862, 3500) again.
~~~~~ He'll ask you to collect some items: 6 Elven Fruit Juice, 4 Panaceas (Fr: Mud Monsters-Argent 934, 2747), and 2 Fancy Petals (Fr: Mystic Flowers-Argent 2118, 2638)--- "And the job quest will make you go to a haven at Icycle I forgot the name. Then go to Chaldea and talk to someone again then return to High Priest.Thats all ur a cleric" -(arwindumag <5th page>) <-thanks! F. Pets
Stats: Pure SPR
Skills: Standard Magic, Standard Meditation, Standard Protection.

*Guide taken from a third-party resource, the author of the guide LittleDevil*Girl

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