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What items do you need for analyze:
Catalyst: affects the result of the analyze.
Weapon or armor: you cannot analyze other items.
Analyze Skill: you need the salvage lifeskill at same or higher level than your analyze skill level.
Fairy: your fairy must learn standard or novice analyze. Its lvl doesn´t affect the analyze.
Particle crystal: analyze of weapons and equipment carried in the Substance Analyze Tool (Icicle Castle). You obtain the Image particle crystal automatically when you learn the Analyze skill.

Number of items obtained by analyzing depends on the skill level of the analyze and the level of Particle Crystal.
Analyzing first item.

Let´s make an example:

Newbie dagger belongs to level 1-19 range, so if you analize it you will get Lv 1-19 items.

If you use the Image stone catalyst, you will receive iron ore, pink pearl or any other stone type Lv 1-19 range items.

What is the use of analyze?
Getting quest items: sometimes you need sea items for a quest or cooking for example. So instead of going to the sea, you analize items same Lv range than the one you need.
Earning money: you can sell the items you get, like fishes for cooking.
What can I get from each catalyst?

Image Plant Catalist: If you have a 70 armor, weapon or boss stone, and you use this catalyst, the possible rewards (5 random pieces, used for lv4-7 cooking) you will get are:
Image Withered root
Image Magical branch
Image Thorny stramonium flower
Image Gigantic stramonium flower
Image Mysterious branch
Image Small mysterious branch
Image Strange leaves
Image Treant root
Image Mysterious leaf
Image Four leaf clover
Image Herb
Image Liquorice
Image Omnipotent herb
Image Morph clover
Image Demonic grass
Image Feline soul grass
Image Fur catalyst: Using this you can obtain items from the grocery like:
Image Cloth
Image Splendor Cloth
Image Shining Feather
Image Charmed Cloth
Image High Quality Deer Skin
Image Shining Sea Jelly Skin
Image Giant Skin
Image Lizard Skin
Image Ornament Feather
ImageBone Catalyst: Using this you can obtain:
Image Robot Wheel
Image Magical Bone
Image Sharp Bone
Image Frozen Dragon Scale
Image Bone of Mummy
Image Fascia Fish Bone
Image Rotten Fish Bone
Image Thick Fish Bone
Image Bloody Wolf Tooth
Image Vampire Tooth
Image Food Catalyst: Using this you can obtain:
Image Dotted Codfish
Image Phoenix Prawn
Image Diving Clam
Image Moon Tail Eel
Image Squirting Fish
Image Pearlie Ratfish
ImageTiger Bone Fish
Image Stary Wood
Image Quality Caviar
Image Heart of Temptest Sea Jelly
Image Shining Cyclonic Sea Jelly Heart
Image Liquid Catalyst: Using this you can obtain:
Image Pure Water
Image Murky Polliwog Blood
Image Nasal Squid Ink
Image Spider Venom
Image Special Catalyst: Using this you can obtain:
Image Black Dye
Image Mask of Mummy King
Image Soul of Corpse Soldier
Image Timeless Machine
Image Sigil of Anubis
Image Red Colorant
Image Heart of Pharaoh
Does the level of the tool matter?

Yes, a higher lvl tool will give you more items, but you can analyze even with a lvl 1 tool.

How to lvl up the tool?

The Image Particle Crystal automatically lvl up when it reaches the max Exp for that level.
Level 1-2 (100 exp)
Level 2-3 (400 exp)
Level 3-4 (900 exp)
Level 4-5 (1600 exp)
Level 5-6 (2500 exp)
Level 6-7 (3600 exp)
How to analize?

Go to the analize machine at 1340,560 in Icicle City.

Talk to the machine and put the items in the correct place:
1) The catalyst
2) The Equipment
3) The particle Crystal
4) The Pet

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