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Captain Barbarossa

Mentor and Disciple

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Mentor and Disciple is a great system for new players to get into the game by being the disciple of a mentor, meaning that a bit more experienced player can send a disciple application to a person asking them if they will be her/he's disciple.

So, how will this benefit both the mentor and disciple? Both the mentor and the disciple will receive rewards as the disciple levels up, regardless of whether the mentor helps him/her in leveling up or if the disciple decides to level up solo.

What's the catch?

  • The disciple must be level 40 or lower
  • Mentors must be level 41 or higher to send mentor request to a disciple
  • A disciple can only have one mentor
  • One mentor can have up to four ungraduated disciples. An ungraduated disciple is one that is below lv41.


  • The system will give 600 reputation points to the mentor when the disciple reaches level 41, and a small amount of reputation for each level.
  • The disciple gets 300 reputation points, 200,000 gold and 49 n1482.png Fairy Coins when they reach lvl 41, aka graduate.
  • Before reaching Level 41, disciple also gets one n1198.png Mini Amplifier of Strive Each level ,which will increase your exp gain by 100% for 200 seconds, per usage for players below level 40

So whats the Mentor's Job?
The mentor's job is to help and aid their disciple in progressing trough the game, by helping him/her levling up and in general just help that person with their tasks/troubbles.

What's the disciple's job?
Asking questions, finding answers on problems that he/she has stumbled upon, and be polite to their mentor as he/she will spend alot of time on helping.

Finding a mentor: find a suitable person that you feel will be helpful or said that he would help you, right click his character and select "mentor"


Once the player has selected "Mentor" wait until the person selects "confirm" and then the players are both connected as mentor and disciple's.

Accepting a disciple, when you find a new player who you want to be your disciple, right click the player and select "disciple"

After he/she has selected "confirm" both players are connected as mentor and disciple.


There is also a mentor and disciple channel selection, where players can:

  • Add Friend
  • Party invite
  • Send message
  • PM
  • Remove Relationship

Mentor window:


Disciple window:

Removing the disciple relationship
By removing relationship of a disciple as mentor the player will lose some reputation points.


Selecting "Confirm" will make system take the reputation points away.


Removing the mentor relationship
By removing relationship of a mentor the player will loose some gold.


Selecting "Confirm" will make system take the gold away.
remove 2.JPG
*Guide taken from a third-party resource

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