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Captain Barbarossa

Gift Giver

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 Gift Giver

Kraken Online 2022-04-26 13.23.40.png

- Gift Giver NPC is located at the coordinates 1306, 500 Icicle Castle

- This NPC have 2 chest


1. n0322.png Fairy Coin Chest - Can be used more times a day ( 35 Fairy coin)

n1483.png Fruit of Growth, x3 n1695.png Flash Bomb Lv1n1232.png Lanternn1181.png Refining Gem, x2n1675.png Maiden Winen1321.png 32 Slot Inventoryn1322.png 36 Slot Inventory,  x2n1388.png SP Holy Waterq0027.png Consitution Recovery Vial, x2n1676.png Scholar Winen1673.png Steam Bun , gold.png Gold


2. n0322.png Fairy Seal Chests

[1st open] n1389.pngLantern festival hurricane lamp = x10 elven signets + 50k 
[2nd open] n1408.png
Full Body Armor = x20 elven signets + 100k 

[3rd open] n1390.pngSkating Potion   = x30 elven signets + 300k

[4th open] n1407.pngBattle Array = x50 elven signets + 500k

[5th open] n1406.pngWeightless Potion  = x99 elven signets + 1m

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