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Captain Barbarossa

Ways of Earning Gold

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Ways of Earning Gold

1. Fortune Tree (when you open Lucky Packet u can get 700-1000 gold)

2. Mentor and Disciple System

3. Jackpot Machine NPC (Shaitan City 894, 3543) - playing the Jackpot Machine you can get gold and game items

4. Gift Giver NPC ( Icicle City 1306, 500 )

5. Reputation exchanger NPC ( Argent City 2250, 2787 )

6. n0320.pngMystic chest 50k price for sell

7. n1479.pngMagic Chest 25k price for sell

8. n1185.png (32×32)n1184.pngNormal Gems 25k price for sell

9. scoll1.pngscoll.pngAnalyze, NSS(can be use 15-100lv), OSS, Manufacture



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