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Captain Barbarossa

All aspects of playing on Kraken Online

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We are glad to welcome you to our server, we have prepared a guide for you on how to start playing and become stronger
Study it carefully and you will surely conquer all dungeons and defeat all bosses. Don't forget to tell your friends!


1. Follow the steps that are written below in the guide


2. Get the Beginner's Gift



3. Upon reaching level 10, complete the profession quest



4. How to level up? Keep leveling up in the dungeon 


1. 10-75 lvl coming Newbies Paradise (2234, 2782 Argent City)



2. 75-85 coming Mirages or Dream Island (2185, 2777 Argent City)



3. 70-85 coming Mirages


4. 70-85 coming Abaddon 1-4 lvl

Монолит в Абаддоне - Conclave [Пиратия/Шарк] - сайт игровой гильдии


5. 85-100 coming Winter Island - You need to buy a ticket to the item mall or complete the quest


5.  Where can you get gold? 


1) Farm Abandon Mine - drop  n1479.png Magic Chest and opet it (you can get item 20-40lvl after open chest) or sell chest

2) Mentor and Disciple, after second job you can get 100k Dollar Note ( guide Mentor and Disciple ) and you can get 200000 gold then have mentor and you lvl up 41

3) n0320.png Mystic Chest (open it or sell chest)
4)  Analyse
You can dig  OSSscoll.png Old Sheepskin Scroll & NSSscoll1.png New Sheepskin Scroll 
6) Farming 
n1480.png 10k Dollar Note on the Newbie Paradise map


6.  How to get rare items?
Game values can be obtained by exchanging Kraken Coins and Reputation Exchanger

1) Reputation Exchanger 2249, 2789 Argent City


2) Kraken Coin Exchanger 2209, 2704 Argent City


3) Kraken Coin Blacksmith Exchanger 902, 3502 Shaitan City


4) Pet Items Kraken Coin Exchanger 856, 3549 Shaitan City



5) You can also buy many different rare items in our Item Mall 


7. Gems on our server 

1) You can get them by coming Click to go to the dungeon section
FC - 
Forsaken City

DS - Dark Swamp

DW - Demonic World

CA - Chaos Argent

AOD - Arena of Death

SW - Snow War

CI - Chaos Icicle

Aurora and Dark area

2)  OSS & NSS


9. How to get Equip


1) 35 unse0102.pngw0010.pnge0117.pngw0024.pngw0060.pnge0177.pngw0046.png
- You can exchange from Black Market - 1 thing  cost 600 fairy coin
2) 45 uns 

- You can exchange from Black Market - 1 thing  cost 1000 fairy coin

- You can get this by killing the FC boss

- Jakpot Mashine

3) 55 unse0689.pnge0694.pngw0205.pngw0204.pnge0686.pngw0206.pngw0203.png

- You can exchange from Black Market - 1 thing  cost 1 kal

- You can get this by killing the DS and DW1 boss

- Jakpot Mashine

4) 65 unsw0063.pnge0119.pngw0025.pnge0106.pngw0062.png

- You can get this by killing the DW2 boss 

- Jakpot Mashine

5) 70 boss stonen1493.pngn1497.pngn1495.pngn1496.pngn1494.pngn1498.png

- You can get this by killing the Barborosa, Deathsoul Commander, Prehistoric Giant Octopus, Kuroo

- Jakpot Mashine

6) 75 Non-Geare0734.pnge0754.pnge0197.pngw0005.pngw0267.pngw0210.png
- CI

7) BD Equips 

8 ) 85 unsn2201.pngn2207.pngn2205.pngn2204.pngn2203.pngn2214.pngn2212.pngn2202.png

9) 95 Uns w0375.pngw0376.pngw0377.pngw0378.pngw0379.pngw0381.pngw0380.pngw0381.pnge1281.pnge1282.pnge1283.pnge1284.png


8. There are many different quests on our server, as well as daily quests - Click



9. All various questions are also answered in our guides section - Click

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