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Big update "Kraken Online - 1 year event!"

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1 year.png

Dear players!

Together with you we have come a long way! Throughout this year, we prepared updates every week, held events, created comfortable conditions so that you could receive positive and nostalgic emotions from this game. Our small team protected this server from competitors attacks day and night, and we dealt with it. With each attack, we only became stronger and gained new knowledge. We promise that we will continue to do our best to provide you with a stable and interesting game. 

We want to say thanks to absolutely all the players who supported our project all this time, helped newcomers, created guilds, looked for mistakes, suggested new ideas. We value every player who has played, is playing or will play on our server.

Therefore, we have prepared great events for you. ❤️


Whats new?

1. Special gift for each unique player ?

In honor of the birthday of our server, you will have the opportunity to launch a n1840.png (32×32) 1 Year Congratulation Firework.
As soon as you launch it, you will receive gift in your inventory.
1) n1355.png (32×32)x5 Hi-Amplifier of Luck

2) e4894f37d126.pngx2 The Universe Purse
3)q0071.png (32×32)x1 Black Dragon Key
4)n0322.png (32×32)x 1 Super Potion Chest :
  •  q0033.png (32×32)x5 Blessed Potion
  •  n1390.png (32×32)x10 Skating Potion
  •  n1678.png (32×32)x5 Biscuit
  •  n1672.png (32×32)x5 Sturgeon Soup
  •  n1387.png (32×32)x20 Constitution Recovery Flask
  •  n1388.png (32×32)x20 SP Holy Water
This promotion is valid from September 26, you must write to the discord @Kraken @Captain Barbarossa


2. We decided to make the server concept a little easier for the new players. ?

This is due to the large flow of new players and the return of old ones. We hope that these measures will help them in conquering dungeons and bosses.

1) Solo EXP rates (x5), Team EXP rates (x8), drop rates (x4) are increased on an ongoing basis!
2) Drop chance for unique gems in all dungeons is doubled!
3) Added 1 additional appearance for the Black Dragon, now it will appear
3 times a week, instead of 2 (Please choose a convenient time #voting channel in discord)
4) Improved the concept of Chaos Icicle!

   We added broken (+2) and cracked (+3) gems from 1, 2 waves monsters 
   We added unique gems (+5) from 3 wave chests



3. [Event] Kraken Online Greetings Card  ?

From each monster above level 30, you can get the Kraken Online Greetings Card (5%) directly into your inventory


You can exchange it all for a gems and gifts at Event NPC - Jarvis in Argent City 2192, 2787 until October 2!



4. Special weekend events ?
1) Boss event - Saturday (26.09.2020 18:00)
We will summon all the famous bosses from the Tales of Pirates world, including the bosses of Abaddon. Are you ready for a fight? ⚔️

2) Drop event - Sunday (27.09.2020 18:00) ?
We have prepared for you a large number of gifts and unique items that are ready to throw away. Only the most fortunate will get it.

Approximate items:
 • RB card
 • Unique mount voucher
 • Mount Enchant
 • Rings and necks level 75
 • Crystals
 • Gold
 • Various chests and gems
 • And many other prizes!

Do not miss! :classic_love:


5. Each newcomer will be able to get a Starter Pack from the administration, PM @Kraken  or  @Captain Barbarossa in discord. ? 
Also u can participate in the new #?giveaway event!


6. Event for guilds that come to our server. ?‍?‍? 

If you want to come to play on our server with your guild (5+ live people), then the server administration is ready to help you with this and give out the initial things for starting and developing your guild. For details PM @Kraken @Captain Barbarossa   ?


The Kraken Online Team wishes to you a pleasant game !




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