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Language Barrier Quest

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Language Barrier is a quest that, once completed, allows players to speak to the NPCs in Spring Town, which is otherwise not possible due to their strange language, as well as providing players with some item and life skill point rewards.

Talking to Spring Town NPCs will now allow:
-Accepting and completing quests which involved them;
-Initiating Trade or exchanging items if the NPC can do so;
-Talking to Guardian Statue in Black Dragon Lair

  1. In order to accept the quest, players have to use a Spring Ticket or sail all the way to Spring isle, and talk to Teleporter - Chun Li (Spring town 3327, 2511) , which will have the "Language Barrier" quest available.
  2. The second part of the quest is then accepted at Granny Beldi (Argent City 2276, 2770)
  3. The third part involves talking to Waitress - Babara ( Icicle City 1311, 531

Babara will then demand 100.000G in exchange for q0101.pngOmni-Antidote Prescription. Double clicking the Prescription will allow players to accept the next, and last, part of the quest. This involves obtaining Items from Sea monsters:

Finally, turning in the items, alongside 50000 additional gold to Master Kerra(Icespire Haven 2665, 654) will complete the quest.
Alongside the ability to communicate with Spring Town NPCs, the quest will give out the following rewards as well:

Additionally, completing the "Water Wheel" series of quests (from Story Quests) will automatically give the benefits of having completed Language Barrier (excluding life skill points and Shooting Star) and disable the Language Barrier quest as it will become obsolete.

*Guide taken from a third-party resource

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