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[Guide] New Client and Launcher Features

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Dear pirates! New client and launcher is ready!
We tried to make it convenient for you and added a lot of interesting features!

Let's see what's inside? ?

• PART 1 
Launcher ?



Short description of functionality ?‍?


•  Tweaks:
User interface -
Vanilla or Black Skin
Camera - Mini or Medium or Max
Animation - Vanilla (slow animation) or Quick animation
No lag - Wings - On / Off (remove wings visual effects)
Glows - On / Off (remove possession and weapon glow visual effects)
Auras - On / Off (remove auras glow visual effects)

Basic game settings



Update the latest game files and a button to check the version for those who missed the latest update!

• PART 2

New client features :classic_love:


1. Revorked Black Skin


2. 1-9,0 buttons panel


NOTE: To use the keys 1-9,0 we turned off chat
In order to activate / deactivate chat, you need to push "Enter"


3. Help center with basic information ?


For open it you need to push (Alt + H) or click to "Help Center button" 
image.png image.png

4. Current server time on minimap

image.png  image.png

5. Hide stalls button

image.png  image.png

Click to "Hide Stalls button" and hide the names of all trade stalls


6. HP and Mana bar features



Now HP bar is colored and u can see % of HP for players and HP of all monsters ?



Special Mana Bar for Clerics ❤️


7. Description: Which equip is forged in the apparel


8. Description: Forge lvl for items,

Display lvl for gems and fairies


9. Revorked 100+ new icons


10. Now the stalls you viewed are indicated in a special color


11. Information protection and protection against replacing core files

Now the replacement of some files will be protected at the program level


12. A lot of new apparels and visual features

Sword2.gif.6d5d5117990c67707888330dfd96050f.gif (297×305)

NOTE: During client installation, it is recommended to install or update the driver package installed on your computer, this will improve the stability of the game and visual effects.
Do not worry, the installer will install everything you need for a comfortable game.

NOTE: If you notice any problems in the work of a new client, launcher or installer, inform @Kraken in discord

I want to express gratitude to those who support our project and motivate us to develop it and do better!  ❤️

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