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First PK Tournament

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Dear players! We are announcing the First PK Tournament

3 types of battles:
Team 5 vs 5
Team 3 vs 3
PK 1 vs 1


Team 5 vs 5 - 500  Crystals ?+ 2 Black Dragon Keys ?️+ Discord status (To each member of the team)
Team 3 vs 3 - 300 Crystals ?+ 3 Green Dragon Keys ?️+ Discord status (To each member of the team)
PK 1 vs 1 - 500 Crystals + King Arthur's Crown (Arthurs Faith) + Discord Status


Start date and time:
20:00 Server time


The tournament will be recorded on video, and also there will be a live broadcast on twitch.tv
Everyone who makes a good PK video with interesting points - 1000 crystals reward
For details PM to @Kraken in discord

Tournament rules:

1. Tournament format A single-elimination - participants fight among themselves until the last winner.


2. There are no second and third places. Only one member / team who defeated their opponents moves on to the next stage, until victory
3. You can participate in all types of battles (Any Player can take part in team PK 5 vs 5, team PK 3 vs 3 and PK 1 vs 1), but you can’t take part in different teams in the same type of tournament.
4. All skills, any cook? pots and manufactory are allowed.
5. Allowed to use/invite pilots for your characters.
5. Applications for participation cease to be accepted 2 hours before the start of the PK tournament.
Insults of opponents and provocations are prohibited (punishment - warning or disqualification from the PK tournament)
7. It is forbidden to use third-party programs and client modifications. Only clean client files (punishment - disqualification from the PK tournament)
8. It is forbidden to change the composition of the team during the tournament.
9. It is forbidden to participate in characters below level 80


Tournament map - Coloseum PVP map
Round map with a fountain in the center of the map, without interfering textures and relief



Application Form

To apply for the tournament, you must write @Kraken or @CaptainBarbarossa
All commands will be written to the table and randomly distributed.
30 minutes before the start of the tournament, we will publish a table and you can find out who is your opponent.

Application for participation should look like this:
For expample:
Type of competition: Team 3 vs 3
Team name: Noobs
Members: Player1, Player2, Player3

The results will be published on the site and in our discord.


We hope that the tournament will be held in a friendly atmosphere and will contribute to the improvement of the game team for our players.
If this tournament is successful, we promise to do such events regularly

Good luck in battle!




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