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Big update "Wind of Change"

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Dear pirates! We have prepared for you the next update!

                          Technical work will begin at 20:00 15/05/2020 and last 1 hour!

Whats new?


1. Maximum level - 85 ?
Finally, you will have the opportunity to increase your level and become even stronger!


Also you can participate in [Event] Lvl Up Marathon - 85 lvl


First of all for your class get lvl 85.

Only 6 prizes and winners:

The first lvl 85 Champion 300 Crystals and any apparel of your choice!   
The first lvl 85 Crusader - 300 Crystals and any apparel of your choice!       
The first lvl 85 Seal Master - 300 Crystals and any apparel of your choice!   
The first lvl 85 Cleric - 300 Crystals and any apparel of your choice!             
The first lvl 85 Voyager  - 300 Crystals and any apparel of your choice!       
The first lvl 85 Sharpshooter - 300 Crystals and any apparel of your choice!   

You can monitor your results in the rating table.

Hurry up!

Good news for beginners! Now you can reach level 80 2 times faster!
Hurry up to catch up with old players, join guilds and fight in dungeons!


2. More fish spots in Argent! :classic_love:


*New game feature "Land Fishing"  This is a special skill that you can get from Grocery NPC in Argent City 2231, 2729  
Using this skill together with a fishing rod, beginners will be able to get useful items in the lakes, such as
Exp and Luck Amps, Gold and Kraken Coins   ?


At your request, we have increased the number of fish spots. We also added a percentage of failure and instead of useful things you will sometimes get useless loot. :classic_biggrin:



3. Dream Island! ?


Only until May 22 we added a special location in which beginners can very quickly increase their level and get a few things for an easy start.
For old players, this is an opportunity to get a lot of gems and help new players!



4. Improved Rebirth Skill of the Seal Master! ⚔️
He previously did little damage.

unknown.png (205×331)

Now it is fixed and works as described (same as in the vanilla version)
• reduce Mspd by 30%
• reduce Defense% 5
• reduce Min Attack by 20%
• reduce Max Attack by 20%
• reduce Attack Speed by 30%

NOTE: Effects last a short time!
Seal Master now becomes a dangerous adversary in massive battles! Be careful!



5.  Abaddon ⚔️


Our high lvl guild players have tested abbadon and we are ready to open this dungeon for you.

First of all, floors 5-8 will be opened (without access to Kuroo and bosses with Death Weapons).

After we make sure that the competition is fair and there will be good PVP, we will open the upper levels in next weeks.

Dungeon will open on Saturday and Sunday!
The first opening of Abbadon will be held on May 23! Get ready for big battles!



6. n1286.png (32×32) Cap of BD eye gem increased to lvl 3! 

7. New Daily Quest  "Thundoria Mirage" 



8. Now the connection to the game will get better ?

We have improved our server hardware, strengthened our protection and fixed minor bugs.
This should improve connectivity for players from all over the world. Ping for players from South America and Asia will be more comfortable.


9. Raised Fairy growth rate (x8) until May 22   ?‍♀️

10. Discounts in Item Mall for all rings, necks and for a wedding set until May 22! Hurry to get it! ?



11.I remind you that each newcomer will be able to get a Newbie chest from the administration, PM @Kraken or @Captain Barbarossa in discord. Also u can participate in the new #?giveaway event!



12. Event for guilds that come to our server.  

If you want to come to play on our server with your guild (5+ live people), then the server administration is ready to help you with this and give out the initial things for starting and developing your guild. For details PM @Kraken @Captain Barbarossa   ?


13. [Facebook Event] Crystal Draw ?


Only until the end of May! Fulfill all the conditions and get free 500 crystals to your account!

How to join?

Make sure to leave a like and share the post

Tag 3 of your friends

Like our Page

Follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/KrakenOnlineGlobal/photos/a.1346054438826490/2828224747276111/?type=3&theater



The Kraken Online Team wishes to you a pleasant game!





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