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Captain Barbarossa

Land Fishing

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Land Fishing?


What you need to do to start fishing:

You must buy a fishing rod and skill (1 life point) - come NPC Grocery - Jimberry (Argent City 2232, 2731) 
book5.png Land Fishing
w0408.png Fishing Rod



Ascaron 2164,2817 / 2008,2824




n1171.pngHeaven's Berry

n0422.pngBandit Bandana

n1172.pngCharmed Berry

n0565.pngSpikey Cuffs

n1480.png10k Dollar Note

n1233.pngRed Paper

n1396.pngAmplifier of Strive

n1282.pngTorn Underpants

n1398.pngAmplifier of Luck

z9999.pngKraken Coin


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