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Captain Barbarossa

Phoenix Rebirth II

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Dear pirates! Phoenix Rebirth II is a very difficult quest. Ahead of you waiting for the test of character and will! But in the end, you will become stronger and get good bonuses!


So let's move on to the quest itself

Location: Heaven - 1752, 913

1. Take the first quest 

2. Come to the Hatred Shrub - ascaron 2139, 2706


3. You need to answer questions

- 11 - If you choose this option it will ask you for 10 kraken coins

- 12 - If you choose this option it will ask you for 10 Pure Water

- 13 - If you choose this option it will ask you for 1m gold


4. After that, you need to give the Hatred Shrub 1m

5. After that, you need to come Peter - argent city 2194, 2766


6. He will give you the task of collecting feathers

x100n0436.png Snowy White Plume Ascaron - 1360, 2683

x100n0419.png Black Feather Ascaron - 1239, 2997 - 1314, 2991

7. After you have successfully completed the quest, Peter will send you to Donna - Argent City 2228, 2885


You need a n1236.pngRose , click on it and the quest will be completed

8. Donna asks you to deliver the parcel to the Banker in Icicle 1358,519

9. Banker asks you to deliver the parcel to the Oldman - Blurry - Argent 2269, 2702

10. Oldman - Blurry will give you a quest. After accepting the quest, pay attention to the name of the book, author, page number, and remember this. Go to DW2 and turn in the NPC book Tomas Tutu (329,207). He will ask you a question, answer correctly or he will move you back to Argent to go again to DW2.

11. The next task will be to come to the Hairdresser - Cartel (Argent City 2218, 2813) and bring him the following items:

- x5 n0233.pngComb

- x5 n0232.pngScissor

12. Come to NPC Tourist - Ja - He will give the package to the next NPC


13. You should speak with Dessaro NPC Navy Commander - 711, 1416 - Ascaron in Thundoria Castle

14. You need to go back to NPC Tourist - Ja - He ask to kill you:

- x10 Beardy Pirate Warship

- x10 Beardy Pirate Support Ship

15. You can find  Oldman - Blurry in Argent city at 2272,2701

He will give you a book
Head to DW 2 and talk to  Tomas Tutu Demonic World 2 ( 329,207 )

Tutu will ask you 3 Questions and you need to answer them correctly

1.) What is the name of this book ?
My Battle history
My bad luck history
My Rebirth history

2.) Who is the author of this book?
Thomas Riedel Mahero
Thomas Riedel Mahfusor
Thomas Riedel Mafuro

3.) How many pages are in this book ?
5321 Page
Page 5321
Page 5132


16. Next you need to find NPS in BD lair 2 (748, 640) - He will send you to NPC Peter


17. Peter will ask you to kill baby:
- x1 Baby Black Dragon

- x1 Baby Thunder Dragon

- x1 Tempest Dragon

Boss Hunt

To complete the quest needs to score 9100 SEXP. There is only one way - to kill bosses.

A quest to kill a monster can be obtained from the NPC Challenge Registrar (Shaitan - 867, 3521).


Black Dragon (BD) - 120 SEXP
Wandering Soul (Boss DW1) - 50 SEXP
Head of Snowman (Boss DW2) - 50 SEXP
Barborossa - 75 SEXP
Dead Soul Commander - 75 SEXP

Prehistoric Giant Octopus - 75 SEXP
Black Jewel - 75 SEXP
Abyss Mudmonster - Karu - 90 SEXP
Despair Knight - Saro - 90 SEXP
Abyss Beast - Kuroo - 90 SEXP
Abyss Prisoner - Aruthur - 90 SEXP
Abyss Demon - Sacrois - 90 SEXP

After you got the quest, kill the boss and return to the NPC to get SEXP.

The quest can be taken several times.


Go to Heaven and speak with NPC Priest. Take the quest from him. He asks to collect 6 runs. These are MU, ALDEBA, SAGA, DEATH, AIOLIA, SHAKA.


MU: Go to Abaddon level 5, talk to the NPC, kill the “Despair Knight - Saro” to get MU

ALDEBA: Go to Abaddon’s level 6, talk to the NPC, kill “Abyss Mudmonster - Karu” to get ALDEBA

SAGA: Go to Abaddon level 7, talk to the NPC, kill “Abyss Prisoner - Aruthur” to get SAGA

DEATH: Go to Abaddon Level 8, talk to the NPC, kill “Abyss Demon - Sacrois” to get DEATH

AIOLIA: Go to Abaddon level 10, talk to the NPC, kill “Abyss Lord - Phantom Baron” to get AIOLIA

SHAKA: Go to Abaddon Level 11, talk to the NPC, kill “Abyss Lord - Demon Flame” to get SHAKA

After you collect all 6 runs, return to NPC in Heaven to get the task!

He give you a new quest . He will again ask you to collect 6 runs - DOHKO, MILO, AIOLOS, SHURA, ACMUS, and SHAKA. Going back to Abaddon!

DOHKO: Go to Abaddon level 12, talk to the NPC, kill “Abyss Lord - Evil Beast” to get DOHKO

MILO: Go to level 13 Abaddon, talk to the NPC, kill “Abyss Lord - Tyran” to get MILO

AIOLOS: Go to level 14 of Abaddon, talk to the NPC, kill “Abyss Lord - Phoenix” to get AIOLOS
SHURA: Go to level 15 Abaddon, talk to the NPC, kill “Abyss Lord - Despair” to get SHURA

ACMUS: Go to level 16 Abaddon, talk to the NPC, kill “Abyss Lord - Drakan” to get ACMUS

APHRO: Go to level 17 Abaddon, talk to the NPC, kill “Abyss Lord - Tidal” to get APHRO


Go to Heaven again. You get the "Rebirth Stone".

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