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What is Hexatlon?

Very fast way to get level


How can i start it?
Shaitan City 844, 3499


Saturday and Sunday
10.00 - 13.00 server time
20.00 - 01.00 server time


First Quest: to send a message.
Send a letter to Shaitan Chairman - Guile in Shaitan City (873, 3545)




Second Quest: to buy a special item.
Get a  n1228.png Super Candy Stick (you can buy at the item mall or exchange for kraken coins) and go to the Nurse-Gina in Argent City (2244, 2770)


Third Quest: To kill mobs.

Monster: Pumpkin Knight
Level: 46
Location: Ascaron
Coordinates: 622, 3364

You can also find them in Silver Mine 2 and 3



After you have killed the monsters, go back to the Nurse Gina in Argent.

Forth Quest: life skills.


Take the items to Greg in Abandon Mine(1883, 2805)


Fifth Quest: Collect items.


Junta  Elven Signet x5 and take them to Forbei in argent City (2226, 2726)


Last quest: Team work.


Make a party with different Lv chars and go to Ray in Icicle City en (1365, 570)


Congratulations, you completed the Hexathlon!

You can take the quest as many times as you want.
How many exp do i get?

  1. Lv 1-20: 6 Lvs per hexa (completed).
  2. Lv 20-40: 6 Lvs per hexa (completed)
  3. Lv 40-50: 6 Lvs per hexa (completed)
  4. Lv 50-60: 6 lvs per hexa (completed)
  5. Lv 60-70: 3lvs per hexa (completed)
  6. Lv 70-75: 40% per hexa (completed)
  7. Lv 75-80: 40% per hexa (completed)
  8. Lv 80-85: 20% per hexa (completed)


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