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Chest and Key System

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Chest and Key System 


This system should help beginners and old players get rare items by visiting dungeons such as Forsaken City, Dark Swamp and Demonic World

To get started, you should get image.png Purple Crystal Chest (Click on the title) from ordinary monsters near the city

and n2120.png Key Purple Crystal (Click on the title) from chests in dungeons FC, DS and DW

In order to get a rare item, you must have the key and chest of the same color
If u open image.png Purple Crystal Chest with n2120.png Key Purple Crystal u can get:
image.png Green Dragon Treasure Chest
Great Fairy Ration х10

n1176.png (32×32) Refining Gem Voucher х2
n1695.png (32×32) 
Flash Bomb lvl 1 x10
image.png Part of The Universe Purse 
image.png Green Dragon Key

If u open image.png Green Dragon Treasure Chest with image.png Green Dragon Key u can get:
image.pngBlack Dragon Treasure Chest

image.png The Universe Purse
n1532.png (32Ã�32) Yellow Jade
n1185.png (32×32) Green Jade
n1183.png (32×32) Red Jade
e1043.png (32×32)  Crown of Decedent   
image.png Black Dragon Key

If u open image.png Black Dragon Treasure Chest with image.png Black Dragon Key u can get:
image.png Ultimate Chest

image.png Honorary Crown of Kings
n1286.png (32×32) Eye of Black Dragon
n1184.png (32×32) Heart of Black Dragon
n1285.png (32×32) Soul of Black Dragon
image.png Ultimate Key

If u open image.png Ultimate Chest with image.png Ultimate Key u can get:
n0347.png (32×32) 
Ancient Necklace Voucher
n0347.png (32×32) Lv 65 Ring Ticket
n0347.png (32×32)Unique Coral Voucher
image.png Arthur's Faith
image.png Chiatan's Aura

n0347.png (32×32) Lv 75 Ring Ticket

n0347.png (32×32) Necklace of the Abyss Voucher

n2124.png Untwinned Key

If u open image.png Untwinned Treasure Chest with n2124.png Untwinned Key u can get random item:

1. n0322.png Chest of Styx

2. n0322.png Chest of Abyss

3. n0322.png Chest of Asura

4. n0322.png Chest of Abaddon

5. n0322.png Chest of Darkness

6. n0322.png Chest of Hardin

If you open Death Set Chest you can get all set: e1043.pnge1042.pnge1040.pnge1039.png 

7. n0322.png Carcass of Death

Chest with lv 75 unseal weapons for your class: 

8. n0322.png Level 85 Deity Treasure Chest
Chest with lv 85 unseal ring for your class: 


n0322.png Random Key Chest - Open this chest to obtain all keys. This item is dropped by Ancient Shark , Doomsday ChickenDeer of the Apocalypse. 
You can buy in the item mall (section Sale)
n2120.png Key Purple Crystal - 40%

n2121.png Green Dragon Key - 30%

n2122.png Black Dragon Key - 20%

n2123.png Ultimate Key - 9%

n2124.png Untwinned Key - 1%

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