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New Legendary Chests in Item Mall

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270eaa16768c.png Legendary Chests will appear in the Item Mall!
Promotional conditions:
The promotion is valid only on November 28 and 29
Available quantity - 300 pcs, after which the chest will disappear from Item Mall


What can you get by opening this chest?

  1) Mounts - works in 3th inventory slot 
    Your mount can grow if you level it up (available in the next updates)

  1. [Lv1 Mount] adds to you 20 def and 20 movement speed
  2. [Lv2 Mount] adds to you 40 def and 40 movement speed
  3. [Lv3 Mount] adds to you 60 def and 60 movement speed 

image.png    image.png    image.png         

mount11.gif     mount13.gif     mount14.gif 

   2) Unique auras - works in 4th inventory slot

     image.png Aura of the Mystic Sphere                           image.png  Rune Aura                                   image.png  Frost Aura     

aura12.gif     aura11.gif     aura13.gif     

 3) Flying wings 

         image.png [Flying] Vampiric Wings             image.png  [Flying] Black Angelic Wings           image.png [Flying] Golden Angelic Wings 

wings14.gif    wings11.gif      wings13.gif


4)  image.png  Honorary Crown of Kings  

5) d5084466e7f6.png Arthurs Faith
6)  n1793.png (32×32)  Rebirth Card
(For players of level 45 and above. Gives you a chance to complete the Rebirth Quest. Not tradeable, sell and etc)

7) image.png Mobile bank

😎  n0347.png (32Ã�32)  Scrolls with unique 75 lvl rings and necks

n0347.png (32×32) Lv 75 Ring Ticket (Random stat ring lvl 75 - 1 pcs
It can be of various stat combinations, all depends on your luck.

For example:


n0347.png (32×32) Abyss Necklace Voucher (Random stat neck lvl 65 - 1 pcs)

It can be of various stat combinations, all depends on your luck.

For example:


9) n0347.png (32Ã�32)  Scrolls with unique coralls

10)  n0322.png Rare Black Panther Apparel Chest

11)  Jade gems

     n1183.png Red Jade

     n1532.png (32Ã�32) Yellow Jade

     n1185.png Green Jade

12) n0323.pngEgg of Mordo

13) image.png Valentine's Day Ring

14)  x5 7960ff46c505.pngKey Purple Crystal

15)  x2 c3e2dc52c091.png Green Dragon Key

16)     48863ccff89a.pngBlack Dragon Key

17)  x99n1723.pngAuto Ration

18)  n0202.pngMorph Runestone

19)  x2 n1404.png (32×32) Angelic Dice

20)    n0320.pngChaos Chest

21)   1109bcbde934.pngThe Universe Purse

22)   n0195.pngChiatan's Aura
23x3 n1410.pngHappy Holiday Magazine

24)    n0093.pngMount Enchant Device

25)    n0322.pngRebirth Wine Chest

26)   image.pngLv 75 Rare Weapon Chest




The promotion will last only 2 days! Hurry up!

To do this, you need to go to the section "Sale" in the in-game store  image.png


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