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New Legendary Chests in Item Mall

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270eaa16768c.png Legendary Chests will appear in the Item Mall!
Promotional conditions:

The promotion is valid only from April 2h to 9th
Available quantity - 500 pcs, after which the chest will disappear from Item Mall


What can you get by opening this chest?

  1) Mounts - works in 3th inventory slot 
    Your mount can grow if you level it up (available in the next updates)

  1. [Lv1 Mount] adds to you 20 def and 20 movement speed
  2. [Lv2 Mount] adds to you 40 def and 40 movement speed
  3. [Lv3 Mount] adds to you 60 def and 60 movement speed 

  image.png           7a0348ebfb2b.png                   image.png

    bied.gif                     tree.gif                                beer.gif


   2) Unique auras - works in 4th inventory slot

                  a7362.pngBall aura                                                                   a7365.pngDark Aura                                                   a7375.png Mystical Aura

         Ball Aura.gif                                   Dark Aura.gif                        Mustic Aura.gif

 3) Flying wings 

 n32637.png[Flying] Air wings Yellow-Green                                        y2.png  [Flying] Wings of Elf                              y1.png[Flying] Wings of the Moon         


    Yellow-Green.gif                      Wings of Elf.gif                Wings of the Moon.gif





The promotion will last only 7 days! Hurry up!

To do this, you need to go to the section "Sale" in the in-game store  image.png


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