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Big update "Black Dragon Hunt"

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Dear pirates! We have prepared for you the next update!

Technical work will begin at 20:00 13/12/2019 and last 15-30 minutes!

Whats new?

We announce the action! Anyone who shoots for our server a high-quality promotional video for advertising will receive 1000 crystals. For details write @GM Kraken


1. EXP Rates (x7) will be increased until 20th December!

2. Friday the 13th! 


Oh no! Miners from an abandoned mine dug a portal to hell! And from there, evil spirits and a unique boss climbed out into the mines!


Kill the boss and get:

n0322.png Jade gem Chest - 100%

n0322.png Kraken Coin Chest x10 - 100%

n0320.png (32×32) Chaos Chest - 30%

The boss appears every 12 hours! The battle with him will not be easy!

Also, each player will be able to get the n1257.png (32×32) Kraken Chest from any monster above level 50!

From this chest you can get one of these prizes that will help you conquer the dungeons and defeat the enemy:

x3 Acceleration Potion
х5 Lantern
х10 Constitution Recovery Flask
х5 Flash Bomb Lv1
х10 SP Holy Water
х5 Bun
х2 Elixir of Lion 
х2 Elixir of Monkey   
х2 Elixir of Bull   
х2 Elixir of Eagle
х2 Elixir of Soul
х2 Codfish Steamboat
х3 Sturgeon Fish with Bamboo   
х3 Pass to Sacred Snow Mountain

The event will last until December 20! Hurry up to take part!


3. Black Dragon added to the game 

At last! Are you ready for battle? Here he is! Black Dragon!






4. +1 Improved Fruit n0153.pngn0114.pngn0196.pngn0200.pngn0160.png  added to the Item Mall!

Now you can increase the level of your fairy to 41 to level 50 using these fruits!
The chance to increase your fairy level is 70%


5. An alternative way to charge your coral has been added for voyagers!

Find the message in the system and sail in the coordinates with your empty coral, get into the storm and the energy of your coral will increase!



6. New apparels!

7. Hi-Amplifiers of exp x3 added to the Item Mall!

8. We also improved our protection and fixed some bugs!


The Kraken Online Team wishes to you a pleasant game!



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