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Captain Barbarossa

Pet Fruits

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On our server you can increase your fairy level with these fruits

0-41 Fairy lvl up

+1 Fruit

Reputation Exchander (arg city 2250, 2788) 

Remember! from 40 to 41 fairies you can’t up with fruit +1. Only 39 to 41 fruit +2


+2 Fruit

Pet Assistant (shai city 853, 3551)


Item Mall 



41-50 Fairy lvl up

+1 Improved Fruit n0153.pngn0114.pngn0196.pngn0200.pngn0160.png
U can buy it from Item Mall

Chance for lvlup 70%

Max fairy lvl up for this fruits 50!

When your fairy has reached level 47 daacc8bbb00c.png you can only feed him 3d784ae7ed49.png Great Fairy Ration

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