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Captain Barbarossa

Unique Corals

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Unique Corals

Unique corals in different varieties can be obtained from  n0347.pngUnique Coral Voucher

You can get this voucher from special events or just buy in Item Mall

Features of this item:

1. This is a unique item type only for the voyager, which gives the advantage of getting a few stats and using skills that require coral
2. This is a separate type of item. Do not confuse this item with a ring or neck.
3. This item cannot be strengthened, fused, forged, gems cannot be forged into this item
4. To use this item you need to charge it with coral energy.

   You can do this in two ways:
• Use n1648.pngRechargeable Battery
• Weather anomalies in the region


e0672.png Unique Thunder Coral



e0441.png Unique Strike Coral




e0622.png (32×32) Unique Wind Coral


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