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Captain Barbarossa


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A mirage is another area where you can upgrade your character starting at level 70. There are 3 mirages: the Shaitan Mirage, the Icicle Mirage, the Thundoria Mirage. A mirage is a PVE zone; you cannot kill other players in it.

Entry Requirements:

- 70+ lvl

n0180.pngReality Mask
How to get this mask? Need to approach the grocer of cities

- 10 Reputation Points


The mirage opens four times a day, for 4 hours.


Shaitan Mirage (1244,3203)


For magic classes. Monsters appear in the middle distance.

Icicle Mirage (2718,659)


For hunters. Monsters appear at a long distance.

Thundoria Mirage (600,2106)


For champions and crusader. Monsters appear at close range.


Nps in the mirage:

Mysterious Grocer

You can buy from him:

  1. n0275.pngApple
  2. n0276.pngBread
  3. n0277.pngCake
  4. n0308.pngRevival Clover
  5. e0672.pnge0622.pnge0441.pngAll Corals

Portal Opening Time:

  1. 01:00
  2. 07:00
  3. 13:00
  4. 19:00

Spend time to good use - swing in a mirage. If together with you there will be a company of friends, with them, this time will fly by.

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