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Big Update "Halloween"

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Dear pirates! We have prepared for you the next update!
Technical work will begin at 17:30 25/10/2019 and last 15-30 minutes!


1. [Event] Halloween

Yes! Are you ready for real madness? In honor of this event, we have prepared locations for you where you have to fight serious bosses and become stronger!


1)  Halloween Village! 

Halloween Village (based on the map Dream Island)


This is a special PVE location for everyone! Here you can easily raise your level to the maximum and get a lot of valuable items and rare equipment
The portal to the location is located on the Argent Fountain 2232, 2783 and is constantly open!



2) Halloween PK location



Do you want a real war? Here you can show which guild is stronger and get really valuable things, such as:

Drop Spirit of War Boss:

1. n0322.png Jade Gem Chest

2. e1043.png Crown of Decedent

3. image.png Unique Halloween Aura!



A very strong boss lives here! 


It's a maze for players between Lv0 and Lv75, but there is one exception - you can enter this maze if u having e1001.png Pumpkin Mask

Opening times:
The portal to Spirit of War Location is located open Argent City (2211,2749). 
It opens 02:00 and 14:00 server time . The portal is open for 30 minutes. The map closes after 55min.




2. At the request of many players, 45, 55, 65 unsil bows were added to the game! You can get them from chests:

 n0322.png Chest of Dark Swamp

 n0322.png Chest of Demonic World

 n0322.png Chest of Enigma





3. Quiz on knowledge of the game! Wins the most experienced and fast!


4.   image.png Halloween chests with rare items will be added to Item Mall.

What can you get by opening this chest?

1. e1043.png (32×32)  Crown of Decedent   

2.  n2000.png  Legendary wings     



3. Unique auras - works in 4th inventory slot

image.png Halloween Aura                      image.png Explosive Aura                  image.png Divine Aura                       image.png Magic Aura


4.  n0347.png (32Ã�32)  Scrolls with unique rings and necks

5. Jade gems

n1183.png Red Jade

n1532.png (32Ã�32) Yellow Jade

n1185.png Green Jade

6. Items from Item Mall  image.png

7. n1256.png (32Ã�32) n1255.png (32Ã�32) Forging kits

8.  n1357.png (32Ã�32) Tickets

9. n1355.png (32×32) Hi-Amps and etc.

10. n1678.png (32Ã�32) Cook

And many other useful items!


The promotion will last only 4 days! Hurry up to purchase!

To do this, you need to go to the section "Sale" in the in-game store  image.png



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