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Captain Barbarossa

Halloween PK Location

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This location is PK

General Information:
Spirit of War Location is the the most awesome zone in the world of Kraken Online. A very strong boss here! 


It's a maze for players between Lv0 and Lv85, but there is one exception - you can enter this maze having e1001.pngPumpkin Mask

Opening times:
The portal to Spirit of War Location is located open Argent City (2211,2749). 
It opens 16:00 server time . The portal is open for 30 minutes. The map closes after 55min.

Drop Spirit of War Boss:

1. n2125.pngThe Universe Purse - 40%

2.  image.png Halloween aura - 20%

2. 4e224cd74e65d1f1a1a6be7cb68674ab.png Dusty Cloak - 10%

3.  n0322.png Jade Gem Chest - 10%

4. n0195.png Chiatan's Aura - 10%

5.  379d22c23017c263a5783aea302b52cc.png Arthurs Faith - 5%

6. n0322.png New Gem Chest - 1%



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