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    Dungeon Orienteering Basics Numeric, Keypad, Numpad -Where are you? - We run to 5. - where? - FT, center fast! - I do not understand, explain! * kick out of the guild * In the dungeons, to coordinate the actions of the team, you need to tell your comrades your location, indicate the point of collection, the point where you plan to go, inform your comrades about the location of opponents. The location map dungeon is all square in type. And unfortunately, the game does not provide a map image of this location. There is only a mini map, radar. You can try to tell your comrades the game coordinates of your character: - I'm at 259, 534 But according to these figures it is very difficult to navigate. You are invited to use the system “Numpad”. The Numpad system is based on the image of the numeric keypad, which is located on the right side of your keyboard. How to use it? As an example, let's take the cards –DW-1. If you present a dungeon card on the numbers of the numpad, you get something like this: 1 - Left Bottom 2 - Bottom 3 - Bottom Right 4 - Left 5 - Center 6 - Right 7 - Top Left 8 - Top 9 - Top Right Of course, you need to study the map very well, so that according to the environment of your character, in which part of the dungeon you are, and in which direction you need to move in order to get to the place where your help is needed. Examples of a Party chat, when collecting a team of players on the Boss DW-2: Chuck: I'm at 1. ???? SuperCler: I'm at 7. Go 5 Chuck: In 4? SuperCler: After 8 Titan: I'm on 3. Go 2 Chuck: 2 meet. Other dungeon cards can be presented in the same way. For example, the location of Boss DC 3 "7" Do not forget that in the Dungeons, in addition to digital abbreviations, others are widely used, such as: FT - Fountain (meaning the Silver House cards DW-1 and DW-2, Boss). Middle - Center maps. TP - the place where the character is teleported to another lvl or Dungeon zone. Pier - a landing area for characters from the water in the DS-FC Wheels, Theater, Navy, Arena, and Island - separate areas on the Chaos Argent map. Didn't you know that? Now you can use it.